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Why we think Sisterhood Circles are so special...

By Sophie Forbes-Perry

In the last few years, we've seen how sisterhood circles can make a huge difference in women's lives.

Sisterhood circles are groups of women who come together to talk about their lives and share their experiences. They're not therapy sessions or support groups—they're just opportunities for women to connect with one another. And they're growing in popularity every day!

Sisterhood circles are a modern-day version of the ancient practice of women gathering together.

They are all about connection. They create space for sharing stories and creating deep connections with women who understand what you're going through whilst building resilience. They help you learn how to listen to each other and support one another's growth, so that you can face your challenges with confidence.

Sisterhood Circles are an amazing experience for women looking to connect with others who know what they're going through or just wanting a deeper connection with themselves and others. Within sisterhood circles there is a sense of safety, confidentiality and trust among all participants, as well as the sharing of experiences, ideas and emotions. When women feel comfortable being vulnerable with each other, it can allow them to connect on a deeper level than they would otherwise be able to do with just one person alone.

When women gather together in this way, they often experience positive effects on their mental and physical health, including greater self-esteem and self-confidence; improved communication skills; lower levels of stress; greater sense of connection to their loved ones; increased sense of community; reduced isolation; less depression; better sleep patterns; increased ability to deal with stressful situations without becoming overwhelmed by them; stronger friendships with other women outside their circle; increased optimism about life in general...etc (this list could go on forever).

Here’s our top 3 reasons that make these circles so great, and why should you consider joining one.

1) Connection: Sisterhood circles give you an opportunity to connect with other women in ways that aren't possible elsewhere. You can talk about your experiences as a woman, learn from one another, and gain insight on how to navigate everyday life.

2) Authenticity: The truth is that most of us aren't comfortable sharing our feelings with others—especially strangers! But when it comes to sisterhood circles, there's no need to feel nervous because everyone is already there for the same reason: They want authentic conversation and connection with other women just like them.

3) Emotional well-being: Sisterhood circles promote emotional well-being by giving you an outlet for talking about your emotions and being heard by others who might.

What's your favourite thing about sisterhood circles?

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