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Discover the power of self-awareness and unlock your potential for personal growth with The Feelings People! Our courses and workshops provide the perfect platform for any woman who has ever wondered what holds them back from living the life they really want to. Join us and start creating the life you deserve today

How can we help you?

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Our Vision Board Workshop is designed to help you create a clear vision for your future and achieve your goals. Led by experienced life coaches and vision boarding experts, this workshop will provide you with the tools and guidance needed to create a roadmap for success. Through this interactive and creative process, you will gain greater clarity and focus on your path to success.


One Day Mini Retreat

You can't pour from an empty cup ladies! Tired, overworked, need a break, have no time? Take one day out of your busy schedule, get your mojo back and fall back into love with your life.

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Personalised Life Coaching

Our personalised life coaching service is tailored to your individual needs, helping you to gain clarity and confidence so you can move forward with your life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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Uplift your Wellbeing (the basics)

An introduction to emotional wellbeing


Heart Based Entrepreneurs Network

Use the FREE network to create new collaborations, learn essential business information, share your products or services, cheer each other on and have some fun.


Being the Best Version of You

Our eight session course for women is designed to help you become the best version of yourself. With expert guidance and tailored one-on-one sessions, you'll be empowered to take charge and create the life you've always wanted. You'll learn how to set and reach your goals, challenge yourself, and make a real impact in your life. Plus, you'll have the support of a like-minded group of women who are ready to do something different.


Heart & Soul Sisterhood Circles

Attention all women! Are you looking for a supportive community of like-minded individuals who will uplift and empower you? Look no further than Sisterhood Women's Circles!

Our circles provide a safe and sacred space for women to connect and share their experiences, wisdom, and challenges. Led by experienced facilitators, our gatherings are designed to inspire personal growth and deepen connections with ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

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